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Birthday party event; Preparation and Tips

Birthday party event; Preparation and Tips

As an Event planner making a birthday party at it best to suite both the host and it’s guest you have got to do a lot of work, but so you know that there is a lot of things required from you to do, there is also something you’ve got to bare in mind and that is the laws for an event planning career.

In any event there are laid down rules guiding them and here are those laws which you must put in mind for as long as you desire to make the best event that people would love. Here are the following rules for an event planning career.

Laws for an Event planner;

As an event planner you need to know how to secure your career and the investment that you have made into becoming a successful event planner. Here are the tips to get your event project secured.

  1. Make payment for business Taxes

Your Event planning, business plan should be recognized by the law you must pay your tax all the time as often as possible.

However, as a starter there might be some difficulty in abiding by the frequent payment of taxes, but you have to do because it necessary for you, as an entrepreneur so you don’t get to have issues along the line

You might not have the capacity to pay business taxes because you are a beginner which is something anyone would understand so for you to fix this you have got to speak with a license tax agency, for them to set your event planning business properly with the government, and afterwards there should be a set out amount for you to pay, but in the meantime of your fresh beginning as an event planner this payment you would have to owe.

  1. Bare a business license

Event planning is an entrepreneurship kind of business, to run it you need to get a license that proves you are ready. In some cities you will either be fined or suspended for not having a business licence as an event planner, so for you, the first thing to do so you can actualize your big dream of becoming a successful event planner is to get licensed.

Failure to get a business license might cause you to bare harassment. The officials in the city where you run your business would send you mails to stop whatever activity you are doing, forcing allegation that are not true on you just to destabilize your business plans.

  1. Create the right client contract

As an event planner your client should get a certain clause on every event planning contract you write. This will have on it all the things that may go wrong in the party.

Here is an instance; As an event planner i have got a friend who is very much familiar with me, very well, she has seen me plan for an event and has watch those event become a success, my friend then thought it will be nice to get more client for me to do business and plan their event too, then she linked me up with a client. I forgot to sign a rigid agreement on paper, that settles any form of excuses in the payment of my service, after the whole event some messy stuff happened and the client is giving me excuses, refusing to pay my  money. There  is no legal evidence for me to sue such individual because there was no signed agreement in the beginning, so this person would go free while i continue to regret.

The above is an instance of the wrong way to do business with as an event planner. In the instance you’ll see there that i made a mistake and it cost me my pay. Mistakes like that can cost you  a lot of things that you will regret. That why you don’t make such mistake an event planner.

  1. Make your business name as an Event planner unique

Before you start living your dreams as an Event planner, you have got to think of the brand name. Your brand name must not be the same with other event planners, this is to avoid being accused of stealing other people’s idea to make your own. What you are to do so your business name do not tally with others, is to get your mobile phone and make a quick search on Google to be sure your choice business has not been taken by some other event planner.

If you don’t take not of this and you go ahead with the name you have chosen, which another planner has already registered and approved by the government you are playing a risky game because after doing so you would have to register your business too and for you to get your business licensed, your brand name must not match with another business name.

If you are probably reading this for the first time and you have made the mistake of branding your business name with the same brand  name of another event planner it is advised you start afresh again.

  1. Secure Commercial, General liability Insurance 

Be you a commercial or corporate event planner, getting yourself registered with an insurance company is what would help you secure your business and the whole of your entire career.

It is very simple to understand why you need insurance as an Event planner.

In a party someone can fall down on a wet uncovered cable and he can get shocked while you are to get the blame for that. It is your duty to handle his hospital bills but with insurance over your business that may be solved without you spending a dime at that very moment.

All of this stated above are the laws for you to have the best Event planning business that would give you a lead as a successful Event planner.

Essential Guide for Events Management

Management in your Event planning is key. As an Event planner you have to know the basic things that are required for you to do in any event center.

It is your duty to ensure that all that goes on at the party venue where you are the event planner is well supervised and if anything goes wrong it should be your fault 70%.

So what do you do to not get the blame when something goes wrong? All you need to do are stated below

  1. Have a protection policy for children

If you don’t know and this is your first time you are reading this, Event planners top most priority in an event especially “Birthday parties”  are the children present in the venue. Your duty to them is make sure they do not go close to breakable substance and you are to ensure they stay away from alcohol in parties.

In most parties, especially Birthday Parties, young children tend to want a taste of alcohol because of the excess of alcohol that is being served at the event, so you are to take note of this so as to disallow this from happening.

  1. Get a cleaning service

As an event planner you should have the training of neatness. An Event should not be found dirty before and after the event, that is why you were employed as an Event planner to handle the affairs of the events.

So for better recommendation and for you to understand what management is in event planning, you have got to be clean and make sure the surrounding for the event is clean even before and after the event.

  1. Get ready for Event Cancellation

Event planning requires modesty. So as an Event planner you don’t take any offer without first letting your policy known to you client beforehand. Your client should be aware of your business rules which you should have stated in your contract with him.

You could have made plans for a wedding ceremony six months ago, just for you to then discover that your client switched the date to a more undetermined time expecting you to wait. “For modesty and to manage your business in the right other you are make him know your policy”.

These three above all make you an event planner. With these three patterns of management you would get the best recommendation from anyone.

Legal requirements for venues conducting an Event

As an Event planner, you should know that there are different places to host an Event. Events can be hosted at the backyard, a conference hall, or a conference room, whichever it be, you should get yourself ready in case any issue arises.

In most events like in a Birthday party, there is usually much use of intoxicating drinks(alcohol) where you get to see people drink in excess. For you as an event planner you have got to put something in place so that if anything goes wrong after the whole party, and guests are already drunk and they have started to cause harm to themselves here are the following things you should have done or do so you don’t get to be blamed.

  1. Get license for alcohol

You might be wondering if this is possible, if it is possible to get a license for a liquor or any hard drink. Of Course there are licenses that covers you to handle party where they are goin to be alcoholic drinks to serve.

This license would protect you in case anything goes wrong, like in cases whereby any of the guest get to misbehave after being high by the intoxicating drink he drank in the party you would not get the blame instead the host would, this would save you from paying unnecessary bills for injured or dead guest that got victimize by the reaction from alcohol.\

  1. Get a permit from a Hospital

Food that you will be serving as an event planner needs to be carefully prepared but if there be a case where you serve a guest with a meal that does not suit his medical condition if problem arises he or she would need to be rushed to the hospital, and there are no nearby hospital then a doctor would be needed a very fast. 

As an event planner, because you already have a permit from a hospital that is aware of your service, you can put a call to them so they can get you a doctor that will run down to your event place to handle whatever condition that may have occurred.

  1. Get a permit from a fire marshal

In where ever you stay to run the event planning business they might be a need for you to get a fire marshal permit, this could be an other by the governing body in the city were you stay to run your business.

If you are being disturbed by the city governing body then you have to start the process of getting a fire marshal permit immediately, as this will take a longer to get processed but it is necessary you do it so you don’t get suspended by the city head on day.

Also, this is also important because in an event anything can happen you may be there and a fire outbreak will spring up and things get really bad, guests get injured, some are killed. All this is not supposed to be heard on your account as an Event planner. You are to take note of these things beforehand to ensure that there is no loss of lives. 

Most especially in Birthday parties things like fire outbreaks can occur in birthday parties because in birthday parties a lot of unmannered people come around and they do so many horrible things in the name of marrying to enjoy the moment. Some would smoke cigarettes and marijuana close where the kitchen is, and in kitchen there is gas light up being used to for cooking, this can attract the cigarette in their hand and catch up causing a fire outbreak that will cause many lives to be lost and this is something you must avoid. 

If it happens without you being aware of it, then you are called upon to pay for the damages. The Fire marshal permit that you have would be the tool you would use to save yourself and you may choose to not pay for any damage because you were not aware of it and more so it is not your fault.

It is possible to make all the legal requirement before kicking off your dream as an Event planner

Starting your own Event planning business with all of this requirement listed above is possible and ideal too.

You might not have the financial capacity to do all of them at once but there are some basic requirements like Business licensing for you as an Event planner is necessary so this and a few other things if you are to do them then you have done a bit of what has qualified you to be successful event planner.


The ultimate birthday planning tips

Whether you run an event planning business or not this guide here would help you handle the best birthday you always have, so it is my advice that you sit tight and enjoy as you will be learning all you need to about birthday event planning.

What does a successful birthday party look like?

For you to get it right you would have to read through a magazine or article like this by an experienced event planner to be sure your birthday event is a sucess.

Even though you dont have any experience on event planning you can get help from source like this or do yourself some good to employ an Event planner. Either way the good thing is parties are all about having fun with alot of people related or not. Once you have this in mind you can use this as a tool to make a very interesting kind of birthday party a that all a sucessful birthday party is a fun gathering where two or more people come together to celebrate a particular person.

Checklist for your Birthday party

All events require the same skill to host a group of people in a gathering. Depending on the size or complexity of the party you may want to go through write ups by professionals to understand what to do .

However, you can also draft out your own plan, after reading this content you will know all you need to know as I have made it easy for you with well researched articles. As with this you can now make a birthday that suits your taste and that of others.

How to Plan a Birthday Party 


Planning a birthday party can be a veritably instigative task. You’re concentrating on changing the perfect spot for the party and you’re in charge of inviting all of the guests. Not to mention, you’re trying to do everything within a budget. To say the least, a lot goes into a birthday party, especially if you’re planning it for someone differently. Whether you’re planning a party for an adult or a child, check off these ways to plan a birthday party in order to make your life a little less stressful. 

Planning a party for yourself or a friend is easier said than done. There are numerous different corridors of planning that you have to consider months in advance. Whether you’re planning a party for your own birthday, or you’re helping a friend plan theirs, these ways will help you stay on track throughout the process. 

 1. Budget 

 You should start with the budget because it impacts nearly every detail of the party. Without a budget to begin with, you could end up changing the theme or food options for the party. Remember to try and be realistic about the budget. Your budget does n’t have to be huge, especially because there are so numerous DIY decorations and conditioning you can do for the party. 

 2. Theme 

 If you’re planning your own party you’re in luck! You can pick whatever theme that youwant.However, you should consult them if it is n’t a surprise party, If you’re planning the party for someone differently. From 20th birthday party themes to 50th birthday party themes there are numerous to choose from, but whatever you choose, try to make the theme harmonious throughout the party. Try to incorporate it into food, scenery, and assignments. 

 3. Date 

 Picking the date can be tricky, so try to plan in advance. Picking a weekend can be a good option because people will most probably be free of work and other plans. Choose a date far enough in advance so people will be suitable to mark their timetables. 

 4. Venue 

 One of the stylish venues to choose is your own house orbackyard.However, you should consider holding the party at a separate venue like an eatery or hostel, If you have it in your budget and you’re celebrating a larger birthday. If you do n’t want to have the party at your own house you can ask a friend if they would be willing to hold the party. 

 5. Guest List 

 Still, it’s egregious who you want to invite, If you’re planning your own party. Still, if you’re planning an additional party, make sure that you check with them to see who they want on their guest list. Again, this is a good point to factor in for budget.However, further assignments, and further plutocrat being spent, If you’re having a lot of people it most likely means you’re having further food. 

 6. Assignations 

 Still, consider making assignations that match to the theme, If you have a theme for your party. You can always epitomize an assignment to fit the theme.However, consider using shimmer or balk to add redundant style to your assignments, If you aren’t planning on having a theme. Try to include all of the information for the party on the assignment, and shoot invites out at least a month before the party. Remember, everyone has their own schedule so it can be hard to navigate around busy plans and work. 

 7. Food 

 It’s norway good to have a party with empty guests. For a larger party, consider doing your birthday party food options in a buffet style so that everyone can get their own food. It allows people to feed themselves when they want, so you do n’t have to worry about it. 

 8. Party Favors 

 Shoot your guests down with merchandise to remember the party. For an adult party, you can give out mini bottles of alcohol or substantiated eyefuls that match the theme. You can place them in a handbasket by the door, or you can hand them out yourself. 

How Long Should an Adult Birthday Party Be? 

 Once you start planning the birthday party, you might be wondering, how long should the birthday party be? Adult birthday parties tend to be longer events, especially if they’re passing at night. People tend to loiter or continue dancing into the night. This being said, plan for an event that could last as long as 4 hours. 

How to Plan a Child’s Birthday Party 

 Numerous times, parents take the lead when planning a child’s birthday party.However, make sure you include them in the planning, If your child is old enough to have an opinion on how they want their party to be. The same way for how to plan an adult party also apply then, but with some minor differences. 

 1. Budget 

 As mentioned ahead, you should surely set a budget before you indeed begin the planning process. Being suitable to set a budget before planning everything differently will help you determine what you can spend from the morning. 

 2. Theme 

As much as you may love a certain theme, make sure to hear your child’s opinion. Have your child pick the theme that they want. Eventually the birthday party is for them, and it’s good to keep that in mind when planning. 

 3. Date 

 Formerly again, try to find a weekend that fits your vacuity. Not only are people’s weekends easier to work with, but children’s birthday parties are likely to be before the day. You should also communicate with the parents for the RSVP, because most probably the children wo n’t respond. 

 4. Venue 

 Utmost children’s birthday parties are held at a house. A house is a great venue to have children and it’s free.However, consider having the party at a hall or bowling alley, If your budget allows and your child is interested. These are delightful places to have a birthday party, especially for children. 

 5. Guest List 

 When you’re creating a guest list for your child’s party, ask them which of their musketeers they want to invite. A lot of the time when they’re youngish, children will want to invite classmates and family members to the party. 

 6. Assignations 

 Just because it’s a child’s birthday party, does n’t mean that you should shoot out party assignations late. Try to shoot out party invites a month or further in advance. Have your child help you customize and produce an kiddies birthday party assignation that they will love. 

 7. Conditioning 

 It’s especially important to have conditioning for kiddies to keep them entertained during the party. Consider having a scavenger quest or ring toss for them to do in thebackyard.However, look at our birthday party game ideas, If you’re looking for conditioning. 

 8. Food 

 For kiddies, you can have further interactive food like making your own pizzas or decorating cupcakes. You can also serve different kinds of juice and have water for drinks. You might want to use delightful straws that bend or have stripes to jazz up the drinks a little more. 

 9. Goodie Bags 

 Make sure the kiddies do n’t leave the party without a kickshaw bag. They do n’t have to be a super big gift. You can fill a bag with delicacy or give everyone a small commodity like a bubble wand. 

How Long Should a Child’s Birthday Party Be? 

Children’s birthday parties tend to be significantly shorter than an adult party. They’re only around 2 or 3 hours and are more structured. For illustration there’s time for games, food, presents, and cutlets. 

How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party 

 Planning a surprise party can be a daunting task. There are numerous corridors of planning that bear a collaboration between the host and the birthday boy or girl. Remember, you can always ask for help! You wo n’t have the help of whoever the party is for, so you may want to ask another close friend to help you plan. 

 1. Budget 

 A budget is still demanded for a surprise party. In this case, you’re the one setting the budget because you’re the one throwing it for the birthday boy or girl. 

 2. Theme 

 You also have the freedom to decide on a theme. Try to pick commodity that they will really like, or ask for the opinion of other collective musketeers. 

 3. Date 

 Make sure to find out when the birthday boy or girl is free. You can try to plan a lunch or regale with them and have them meet you at the venue of the party. 

 4. Venue 

 Formerly again, the venue is over to you. Having it at your house is the perfect way to surprise the birthday boy or girl. Have them meet you for an “ spin” and once they come inside they will see the surprise. 

 5. Guest List 

 The guest list for a surprise party is a little trickier than other parties, because you wo n’t have complete knowledge of who should be invited. Try to decide if they will want to have their family there.However, you should plan a lower party, If you suppose they’re furthershy.However, and it fits your budget, feel free to invite further people, If they’re more gregarious. 

 6. Assignations 

 Again, shoot out assignations at least a month or further in advance. Make sure you tell the birthday boy or girl to mark their timetable for whatever reason you choose to give them. Most importantly, on the assignment, remind everyone that it’s a surprise party so nothing spoils it! When mentioning the time of the party, plan it so the guests arrive an hour before than the guest of honor. 

 7. Food 

 Food should be the same as it’s for other parties. Suppose that the birthday boy or girl would like to eat stylishly. Serving drinks and having cake will also be a nice surprise for them. 

 8. Party Favors 

 Indeed for a surprise party, it’s proper form to still have party favors. You can link the theme of the party or the age of the person to the party favors. Having a bag of custom m & ms for guests, or a cookie with the birthday boy or girl’s age on it’s perfect. 

Making a birthday party at home

Planning is a lot of work, especially if you’re planning a party for someone differently. While it may bear a lot of trouble, everyone at the party will greatly appreciate all of the work done. Remember, you are not in this alone, and you can always ask for redundant help. 

How to plan a birthday party at home 

If you’re planning your child’s birthday party also make sure you take the lead and organize it well.However, suggestions, or feedback for the party also try to accommodate the studies in your planning, If your child has opinions. 

Birthday parties are fancy get-togethers with family, musketeers, and children. You need to plan the parties strictly so that everyone enjoys them completely at home. It would need an eye for detail to organize a veritably lively party.However, relate to this companion, If you suppose that you may take a certain pivotal way to organize a party. 

 Then are several way that you can relate to when planning the party 

 Way for planning a party 

Check for budget constraints 

 Step 1 Check for budget constraints 

 Set a budget before you start with the birthday planning. Setting up a budget will help you identify how important you can spend while organizing the party. Out of the total budget that you have set for the party, you can assign different budgets as well. Setting a budget is pivotal as it may have a direct impact on the food you serve and the number of people you would like to invite. 

 Buy Birthday Balloons and Decoration Then 

 Step 2 Elect a theme for the party 

 You know your child well and you ’d also know their relish. Try to make the theme of the party as close to their relish as possible. The theme of the party also includes dress law, food, potables, and the entire decoration. 

 Step 3 How to elect a date and day 

 Utmost parties are enjoyed stylish on Friday gloamings and Saturday the whole day. Keeping this in mind you can organize the party on the nearest Friday evening or Saturday after the birthday. Still, you can also plan to organize the party on the same day as your child’s birthday if the date falls mid-week. 

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 Step 4 Space available and apartments demanded 

You also need to elect one spot where everyone would gather for cutlet slices and fests. Also, identify the apartments that you ’d like to use for the party. You can use a guest room and living room to organize the party. If you want your bedrooms to remain clean, also organize the party in the central half of the house. 

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 Step 5 Guest List and invites 

Check your budget formally before setting up the guestlist.However, also try to accommodate as numerous as you can from both sides, If you plan to make it a family- musketeers birthday party for your child. The family- Musketeers parties are relatively successful as they allow family members to catch up formerly in a while and children including relatives can meet and play together. 

 Shoot invites a week before the listed party, giving ample time for reverts from the invited guests. Follow up with a gentle memorial two days before the party. Design beautiful and sophisticated assignations, the assignations can be soft clones as well. 

 Get Birthday Invite Cards then 

Step 6 Food and Snacks 

This is one of the most pivotal factors while planning the party. Food and snacks leave a lasting print on the guests. Also include potables in your food and snackslist.However, Chips, Feasts, If you’re planning to do a full in- house party also you can also cook some frozen food similar as Wedges. 

 Produce a menu before you start cooking and try to make limited amounts of food as it’s the most wasted thing at any party. 

 Buy Plastic Implements sets then 

 Buy Frozen Food Then 

 Buy Potables Then 

 Step 7 Plan Games & Fun Time 

The most delightful part is planning and organizing games for the children attending the party. You can design several games on your own similar as hide & seek, treasure quest, catch the pincher,etc. 

 Step 8 Goodie Bags 

Fill the kickshaw bag with chocolates, pens, and colorful other effects for the departing guests. It isn’t necessary still, you can thank the guests for gracing the occasion. Goodie bags are just a commemorative of appreciation and thanks and don’t have to be fancy. 

Good luck on your preparation!

Do you best ask more questions from experienced people all over the place about how they made their birthday parties lovely in such a way that excited you so much that you wanted your own birthday event to look the same way.

I hope this content was helpful enough for you to understand all the things you’ve ever wished to know about birthday party planning.

I wish you luck on your plans I believe you are set to hit the road on your first journey of making and exciting birthday party.

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