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Select a Niche And Establish Yourself Around It

Setting up an Event Planning Business

Events are inevitable occasions. They’re different types of events. 

  • Birthday party
  • Wedding party
  • Burial Party 
  • Graduation Party etc.

No one wants their events to be ruined. So they make sure they hired a professional event planner to plan the events and what makes an event planner professional are their skills.

Importance things to consider before diving into an Event Planning Business

Events planning is not just a fun-filled business, they’re things needed to be considered before going into the business to avoid dropping out of business in the Midway. 


Money is the key, It requires a lot of budget. To be known, Your business needs to be marketed by a professional marketer, and do you know how much that might cost? What if those things you’ll need for the proper development of your business. 

  • A business logo 
  • Website 
  • Business cards 
  • Flyers that would be distributed
  • A lot that can’t be mentioned 

Business plans must be done

A business without plans will always fail. Sit down and plan on how to successfully run the business and things you’ll do if you encounter any problem. Go through the events industry and do research. Get along with people that have been in the industry for years Ask them about their experiences and request a guide from them. 


Make proper research on the location you wish to start your business. Ensure no competitors are around you for the betterment of the business. Select the best type of environment you wished for! 

Learn to build loyalty and trust with/in/to your customer. 

 You’ll always have competitors in the industry so always try all your possible best to be different. Once a customer tested your service, and you treat them with loyalty, you were sincere about the work you did for them, and they were impressed. You’ve gained their trust in you. They’ll always come back and even, referred their families and friends. 

You must analyze your dos and dotes on your website

When your website contains what you do and don’ts it’ll make people that want to patronize you know more about your business. It’s reducing the stress of trying to explain what you accept and don’t. It also drives the right customers to your website. So it’s important. 

Steps to be taken to run a successful event planning business. 

Things don’t just happen to a wink of an eye, Event Planning business is not a business you start today and gloom the next day. It requires steps. These steps are :

Select a Niche and Establish yourself around it. 

Niches are like a job field. Selecting your niche will show the type of field you want to work on. They’re a different type of niche such as.

  • Award ceremony planner 
  • Networking event planner. 
  • Experimental event planner. 
  • VIP event planner. 
  • Conference planner. 
  • Trade shows/show planners etc. 

After selecting the niche you want to work on, the next thing is to establish yourself around it. To establish it you need proper resources and tools. Research your chosen niches and apply all basic skills to develop them well. 

Creativity and Passion. 

In anything you do you must have passion for it before going into any business you must develop a passion for it. Your creativity will make your brand go viral and stand out, think about new things to introduce. The passion you’ve for the work will make it easy for you, you’ll have the energy to overcome any circumstances. 

Study and Understand the job requirements. 

When given a job your clients will surely tell you who they want their events to look like Yours is to look into what they’re required for and provide them with the best results that will make your clients happy. Your decorations and everything should be special and different that will get the attendee talked. They talked because they were impressed with your work. Things to do to show you understand your client’s request. 

Creating eye-catching events designs/designs. 

This is a basic requirement that shows you understand what the client wants. Your designs must be eye-catching that no one would be able to resist. 

Look for a suitable venue. 

A nice venue should be located no venue that’s surrounded by a bad road. It’s wrong with getting the attendee complained even before getting to the events. Ensure everything about the venue is accurate and okay. 

Proper arrangements of entertainers. 

Entertainers are musicians, comedians, MC, etc. Getting suitable entertainers for the events wouldn’t keep the attendee bored. People like entertainment, so doing that appropriately would give you nice words from everyone who would attend the party. 

Sending invitation cards to the attendee. 

It’s part of your work to send IV cards to all the people your clients give you their details. Some people send invitation cards along with wines, perfumes, watches, etc. You might also try something new. There’s no crime in it. 

Hire vendors. 

You can’t do it all alone you need helpers and those are your vendors. Look for trustable vendors that won’t disappoint you and hire them for the events, then pay them well. 

Budget balancing. 

When you get paid by your client make sure you’re able to write out prices of things you need and keep the budget aside. When you balance your available budget it’s prevented you from loss. 


The venue must be decorated based on your client’s taste. The colors, the designs must not be a turn-off for the attendee. Decorate the space like a professional. 

Supervising the caterers and drink suppliers. 

After hiring a caterer and suppliers of drinks, you mustn’t leave them to do it all alone without checking how they’re doing it to avoid disappointment. Give your drink suppliers the brands of drink to be supplied.

 Supervise the Events.

 Here’s the awaited day, the event’s day is here. You must take a thorough check on everything available at the events, the food and drinks supplied, the entertainers, the decorators, etc. No one is perfect, so when supervising the events, You’ll be able to point out where issues are and solve them immediately which will enable you to meet your client requirements. 


You must be able to endure any type of client you came across, we all have different behaviors so your client’s behavior will never be the same. Endurance is the best thing that will make you get more customers. They’re annoying clients that will want to frustrate the hell out of you, but your endurance will allow you to cope with everything and never react severely. 

Appearance and Approachable manners. 

Make sure you and your employees are approachable, not lumpy. Your appearance speaks a lot about you. The way you appear will make clients and guests approach and your employees right. You can get a dress code or outfit with/as your employees, this will give more value. Employ the best kind of people to the events. I mean the type of people that heeds to instructions and corrections. 


Be friendly with everyone, have a welcoming spirit. When a client gives you a job, and you don’t want to do it, turn them down in a polite way. True, You can’t do all the jobs given to you and when declining the job gives them a reasonable reason this will impress your client or company that gave you the job. They will always bring you work even after turning them down at first. Do you know why? Because they love the way you handle situations, and they believed you’ll be capable to handle their events. 

The steps mentioned above are the steps followed by successful event planners, after considering the important things required for the business then you’re capable of setting up your event planning business. Wish you luck!

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