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EVENT PLANNING: event planning Technics

10 Stages Of Event Planning


In this article I will show you what event
planning is all about, Event planning is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria, event planning is also one of the enjoyable business any one can go into,and for you to do it u need to understand the meaning and the steps of event planning, so in this blog am going to show you all you need to know about event planning.


Event planning is the act of organizing a social gathering, event planning also implies the arrangements event and acquiring the necessary permits They are some stages of event planning, an event planner need to know some of them are ; 10 stages of event planning:For you to start thinking of hosting an event,you need to ask your self some questions, also be able to identify what you want in an event,and follow up the right way to get them.


•Site selection




•Guest list

•Event list


•Sending out invitations



The first thing to while going into event planning is budgeting, this means that you should know how much you have at hand for the event, and mind your expenses,event planning is not what you wake you one morning and start doing, you need to budget your self very well, to avoid too spending and embarrassment,yes you can embarrass your self if you don’t budget your self before going into event planning, let’s say you want host a birthday party for your self, and you didn’t calculate your self by knowing what you want , the money at hand, and your expenses , but in a situation where you didn’t check all this, and you jump inside the market for showing you will that you won’t be able to get the necessary items for the birthday party, thereby getting your self embarrassed on that day, so budgeting is very necessary in any event planning and you need to do it wisely.


Another thing to do during event planning is site selection, as an event planner you should be able to choose the best location for your event, for instance is are planning on hosting surprise party, and you know surprise parties are meant to be hidden from the honoree ,so as a professional event planner you need to choose a place that the honoree wouldn’t be able to identify easily, let’s say you want to host the surprise party at the honoree’s house,you are not expected to host the party at the sitting room or their bedroom, you can choose somewhere far from this two places,if you really want it to be a surprise package,so being able to identify a perfect site for any event makes you a professional event planner during event planning.


One of things that makes an event planning a memorable one is the decorations,so as a good event planner you should be able to the best decorations to give to any event, not when you are planning on hosting a conference event , then your decorations will be a wedding decorations, one of the things that also qualify’s a professional event planner during event planning is the decorations.


Planning any event on time is also one of the ways to achieve a perfect event , event planning is not what you rush into you need time to plan and organize your self very well,so that you don’t going about making mistakes,event planning also require an exclusive research, and for you to do that, you don’t need a short time to achieve all that, that is why you need to start on time to prepare, if you are to plan an engagement party for your guest, honestly you really need to plan ahead of time, let me say you need to start preparations a month before the D-day, so that before it get to the main day of the event every thing will be set, and the event will end up being a perfect event, but in the sense that you didn’t start on time to prepare for the event, you will end up having an unorganized event, so event planning really needs an extra time of preparation, that is why date is among the successful ways of achieving a perfect event.


The most important thing that can not be left behind in an event planning is food,honestly any event without food is not a real event, that is why you see most of the event planners when they have an event to host, they will book the best restaurant to prepare their meals,because they said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you give your client a nice food, trust me they will come looking for you, okay let’s say you are hosting an anniversary party, and you invited your guest,probably most of them didn’t eat before coming to the event and they all hope that definitely they will be enough to eat and drink,then coming to the party and see that the food is not testy, or there is no food at all to eat did you think, that if you invite them for any event again that they will honor it, so this is to let you know that food spicy up and event planning.


In every event your guest should be your first priority, that is the more reason you should create a guest list, as an event planner you should know the kind of people to invite in an occasion, every body in not welcomed, also if you are planning on hosting a perfect and enjoyable event, I advise you go by the rule of guest list, which says invite people that already know each other also invite equal number of men and women, in an event where they is full of strangers is never enjoyable because since they don’t know each other’s, they will find it difficult to communicate with each other,so during an event planning it is advice able to event guest that already know each other, for a perfect event.


Listing out what you want, and how you want to run the event is really one of the best ways of event planning, you don’t plan event off head , it will really spoil a lot of things for you , so is better you list out all that you want and how you want to do your thing in a list, some of us might be confused on how to make an event list, don’t worry I will make it easy for you, some might even be asking if it is really necessary to have an event list, yes it is, so am going to show how you can create an event list , How to create an event list -Firstly get a paper, divide the papers in to stages, then make a schedule for the event, like you can write the what you want to do in two weeks before the event.-then you also write out things to get in a week before the event day.-also list out what you want to do in a day before the event day ,then when it get to the main event you will see that every thing is set for the event,and your will be marked as one of the best event,so creating an event list during event planning is also one of the best ways of whining your clients mind, and they will come looking for you not the other way round.


People loves they life so much that they don’t attend any event where the security is not tight,as a professional event planner the safety of your client should be your first priority, you need to make thorough investigation of the venue you selected for your event, let use the celebrities as a case study,a celebrity or a well respected personnel in a society can not attend any event without their security, do you why? Is because they know that all kinds of people will attend the event and they need to secure their lives, so as an event planner it is also your duty to ensure that the lives of your guest are in secured ,any event without a good security is never enjoyable, and you as an event planner would not like to see that your client and their guest ,did not enjoy the event, so for you to save your work, ensure that the security of the event is very tight, a memorial event makes one a great event planner.


Giving out invitations to your guest of honor is another step to follow in event planning , and you need to do it on time, most of us finds it very difficult to send out invitations to their guest, as an event planner you need to be very good at letting your clients know how to go about it , they are many ways one can send out invitations to their guest during an event,some of them are ;through phones, SMS, Social Media etc, in times of social media, it depends on the kind of event you are planning, if it is a surprise event, social media is not really the best way to send out invitations, because the honoree might know about it ,so during that kind of event, you can go by phone calls and sms,event planning gives loved ones opportunity to reunite with each other, as an event planner you should make it a memorable one for them.


This is the last stage of event planning,and it needs to be done thoroughly, event planning is really a good thing to go into, as you are making plans for others, you need to also make plans for the cleaning up of the place, you can not mess up even center and leave it dirty like that, honestly it will kill your profession, so ensuring that the whole place is tidy up should among your priorities as an event planner, because how much clean you keep the venue after the event determines if they will need your services again, cleaning up after an event is also one of the things that matters in an event planning.


Event planning is really a lucrative business, and you need to put in your best to satisfy your clients,because what ever you give them will determine if they will come looking for you again , also for,as an event planner you need to follow up the steps above to achieve the best event ever, the steps above will really lead you to success, most of us find event planning as a difficult business,is not really difficult if you follow up the steps above and ensure you don’t make mistakes, being able to make an event a memorable one makes you a professional event planner , you do not have to enroll your self in a private school to just to learn event planning, the tips above will guide you on how to become a professional event planner, so feel relaxed when ever you have an event to plan, event planning is really enjoyable if you do it the right way, trust me people will come looking for you.

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