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Everything to know about the Event Planning job

Functions Of An Event Planner

Everything to know about the Event Planning job

Events play an important role in our social and business lives. We all get excited about different types of events such as weddings, business meetings from time to time, but we have never put into consideration the number of strategies that make them successful.

Event Planning and strategizing is a very demanding and satisfying job. In event planning, you need to have an aesthetic sense, etiquette, and business skill.

Event planning also requires the thought of out-of-the-box for your uniqueness in which none of your competitors can provide. 

So basically, Event Planning is the act of coordinating meetings, gatherings, and other types of events. An event planner is someone who coordinates all aspects of professional meetings and events.

Functions of Event Planner

An event planner must typically do the following;

  1. Meet with the client to decide where to hold the event and whom to contact for the services.
  2. Inspect everything that has to do with the event to make sure they satisfy the client’s taste.
  3. Plan the scope of the event, such as time management, location, program, and cost.
  4. Solicit bids from programs and services providers
  5. Check and monitor event activities to ensure clients and attendees are satisfied. 
  6. Check event cost and approve payments.

Six Important Event planning skills are;

Event planning is known to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world but yet it is a rewarding job. So when it comes to making a successful path in event planning you need to have some skills which are;

A.Organizational Skill

Event Planning is a highly organized job. So being first on the list of important qualities must have a keen eye for detail and sharp organization.

In event planning, you must be able to remember the smallest of details, setups, meet deadlines, and be on time with everything. And do not forget that smiling is very important in event planning.

Resources to help you put up your organizational skill

a.Our favorite  event planning tools

b.How to put together an event planning timeline

c.Creating a customized events checklist

B.Networking Savvy

For best event planning you need to be a savvy networker, that is, You need to know how to work to connect service providers like caterers, Dj, bands, photographers, video, etc together. You must coordinate and call upon them to make the event for your client a memorable one. And you will also want this service provider to refer a job to you.

C. Resilience and Adaptability

In event planning, it is always guaranteed that things will always go wrong sometimes Like you are expected to meet some disappointments with some of your services providers, And sometimes you will never know what it will be until the day of the event, And that is where u need the skill of resilience and adaptability to help you encapsulate the” go with the flow” character that will help you overcome the challenges you are facing.

D.A Basic Understanding of the Event in event planning, Your job is to be the one to merge the team for a successful event. You must have the best understanding of the event. 

For example, an event planning job requires you to make a floorplan of the event, how long the event would take, How many people can fit in a room and it makes you work with the caterer or catering staff. Knowing all these will make you create a better relationship with your suppliers and get an event experience for everyone involved.

E.Unbridled Creativity

In event planning your clients will always look up to you for ideas, You must be prepared to fetch out innovative and creative ideas. Whenever you need creative ideas you can consider the following;

a. Search social media like Instagram, Facebook to search for new event designs

b. Reach out to blogs for featured events that have the latest styles. 

c.Follow up with your leaders on social media to see their latest thoughts for your upcoming events.

F.Dedication to Client Service

In event planning, it is more important that you just have to make things happen.

Words like let me see what I can do, not a problem, my pleasure, etc can give a desiring answer to clients’ problems and ease any anxiety clients may have. The major thing about event planning is there is no shortage of opportunities so these skills make you learn and grow to be a successful event planner.

Objectives and Role of an event planner

  • Manage all factors of occasion making plans assembly strict closing dates and finances demands
  • Nurture and construct relationships with vendors, venues, and different enterprise contacts to craft and put into effect innovative and logistical factors of all events
  • Stay current, and regularly in advance of the curve, on occasion making plans, design, and manufacturing trends, proactively figuring out and fixing operational challenges
  • Establish trendy processes and teach the body of workers to execute them
  • Comply with legal, insurance, fitness, and protection policies in any respect times

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Coordinate with the inner body of workers, clients, vendors, and others to set up desires for events, and function liaison to senior stage executives, authorities officials, and enterprise leaders at some point of the making plans process
  • Research resources, make web website online visits and lead pre-occasion conferences while vital to assist the body of workers to make choices approximately occasion design
  • Plan and facilitate logistics for all events, inclusive of settlement negotiations, visitor lists, venue preparation, presentation materials, security, catering, entertainment, transportation, equipment, decor, and advertising materials
  • Oversee customer stories from theory via post-occasion, dealing with on-web website online preparations, manufacturing, and occasion breakdown, making sure consistent, high-stage carrier at some point of all phases
  • Maintain and construct a complete database of enterprise contacts, vendors, and venues
  • Troubleshoot and manage any problems that stand up at the occasion day

Skills and Qualifications

  • Proven fulfillment as an occasion planner or coordinator
  • Strong interpersonal and communique skills
  • Experience in retaining and constructing enriching enterprise relationships
  • Excellent organizational skills, inclusive of multitasking, time control, and meticulous interest in detail
  • Ability to address stress and make split-2d choices

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s diploma in occasion control or an associated discipline
  • Experience in advertising and/or public relations
  • Proficient with the Event Management System and Cvent registration device used to control registration and occasion logistics
  • Flexibility to journey each home and internationally, as needed

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