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Hosting a garden party is one of the sweetest party any one can host, in this article am going to guide on how to host a fancy and sweet garden party. Planning for a garden party is really tricky, it might be seen as the easiest but is the hardest party to host but if you follow up the steps on this blog you will be able to have the best garden party ever. Before planning on hosting a garden party they are some necessary things you need to look into before doing that.


Knowing the kind of party you want to host at the garden is very important, because some of us might want to celebrate their birthday party at the garden, but because they don’t know how to plan it they might change their mind,so you knowing the kind of party you are hosting is very important if you want to have a sweet party.


For you to host any party you need to plan according to your budget, for instance if you are planning to host a birthday party at the far on a small budget, you need to plan according to the money you have at hand , you don’t need to plan more than your budget,since it is a birthday party at the garden ,all you need to do is to bring the most necessary items for the birthday party, then you can go with few decors you don’t need much decorations because the garden itself is already decorated,you can just add small to the decors to spice it up ,but if you are planning on hosting an expensive party ,you also need to determine the money at hand so you won’t spend foolishly,so planning according to the money at hand is really necessary,


When you must have determined your budget, the next step to take to to pick a date for the event, Choosing a date for any party is not they very easy as you think, might be saying that is not my party so I can chose any day that pleases me , but you need to know that , yes we all know that it is your party but you won’t be the only one at the party , most of us forget that your guest determines your party because even if you invite the most prominent men in this world their is also that person that if you didn’t invite to your, the party will till be dry and boring, so while picking a date for your you need to make sure that the date that u chose is also convenient for them, also if you are picking a date for the party you they are two things you need to determine before fixing the date; first you need to know if it is an adult garden party that you are hosting or you are hosting a garden party for your child, then if it is an adult party then you should know the convention time for adults because most of them are the busy type , then if it is just a party you are throwing for your child then you also know the convention time for children gathering , these are the necessary things you need to determine before fixing a time for the party.


Creating a guest list is another step to achieve a perfect garden party, if the garden party is based on a budget ,you don’t need to many guest around, so all you need to do is to select few family members with few friends, if in the other hand you want a crowded party, then you can invite as many as you want, also know that if you want to have fun party ,you need to invite people that already know each other, if you make a strangers party you won’t enjoy it, and it will so cool and boring, so going by the rule of guest party which is, invite equal male and female that already know each other.


Making plans for what to eat on the party is also necessary, if the garden party you hosting is based on a birthday party, then you are expected to plan according to the birthday party, but if it is just a normal garden party that you are you want to host with your friends then you can go for normal dishes like ; fried rice, rostered chicken, then for the drinks, you can go for red wine or apple drinks, food is one of the things that blends any event that you are hosting, without food being served at any party the party is always faulty, some of you can also testify it , that whenever you you are invited for any occasion ,and the food is not enough or testy they will be like this party is not interesting that their food is not even testy or enough for their guest so if you want to host the best and fancy garden party ensure that the food is enough for your guest.


Informing your guest about the party on time is very important because some of them might be occupied on that day, so is better you send out your invitations on time , they might also suggest useful ideals for the progress of the party, also if you want them to come along with anything you can also inform them about it, so they can prepare on time for it ,then if they is anyone that is not chanced on that day you can reschedule the date so that it can suit them ,that is why is very necessary to send out invitations on time while planning to host any event, most of us at times get confused on how to send out invitations to their guest, because some people find it hard to communicate with each other so is simple you can also send out your invitations through social media, or even text message, any party that is Dry is never interesting , it doesn’t mean you should gather the whole world, because their is some people that don’t like crowded party, so all you need to do is to ensure that the guest you are inviting for your party are fun and interesting people, also ensue that the DJ that will be hosting the party is also the easy going one, because if you invite a DJ that is harsh the party will also be harsh so ensure you make a good research on that if you want to achieve a sweet garden party.


Decorating for a garden party is one of the things you need to do with carefulness, because garden parties does not require much decorations, but that doesn’t mean you will do any how decorations, like I said before if you are hosting a garden party , you need to determine the can of party you want to host at the garden , if it is a birthday party the decorations should be about birthday stuff; where you have your balloons and cake , the celebrant spot and other stuff, but if it is just a normal garden party that you want to host among your friends then, then it does not require much decorations, you can even go with the normal garden decorations, or something else you want to make it more fancy and flashy then you can add your own decorations to the normal garden decorations, also while decorating you need to call a good decorator who knows what he or her is doing so that they won’t come and spoil your party with their horrible decorations, because during any party what your guest also have in is; the look of your decorations ,the food you serve them and also the organizing of the event, so for you to achieve the best garden party you need to follow up the steps closely so you won’t regret host the party.


Chosen a good garden for your garden party is another important thing to do while hosting a garden party, most of us will be like , is not going to a garden and host your party and come back, no dear things doesn’t work out that way during garden parties, you need to make thorough research on the venue, because most of the garden you see out their is not safe for you, you need ensure that the garden is free from harm like snakes, insects and others, also you need to ensure that the garden at which you want to host your party is secured by ensuring that the security is tight , because you can’t afford to risk your life and the lives of your guest, that is the more reason you should make a good research before taking any garden for your event, need to also ensure that the garden is still active before booking the garden for your party.


Hosting a garden party is one of the sweetest party one can ever host, so if u are planning on hosting one, and u want a sweet and blissful garden party kindly follow up the steps above to achieve that.

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