On this article i will guide you on how to host a perfect pool party,having a pool party during summer is one of the sweetest things anyone can do,having a pool party during summer is really good to our health not only the party party ,but it also helps to boost our immune system. pool party is really fun and sweet,you can also celebrate or host many occasions like birthday party,engagement party and others, you know planning for a pool party can be very tricky and confusing,but with the party ideas and going to share here, you will be able to achieve a sweet and successful pool party,all just need to do is to follow up the steps and procedure to achieve it.



pool party always take place on a summer,and is hosted outside,so for you to host a pool party you need to consider the weather,for instance you are planning on hosting a pool party on a warm weather,but unfortunately you have a cloudy or raining weather all you need to do is to reschedule the date for the pool party,also pool party are best hosted on weekends do that people can attend the party.


while you are making plans on hosting a pool party,the most important thing you need to do first is to secure a pool for the party,they are many options in finding a pool for the pool party,let’s say, you are using your own pool for the party they is no other special arrangement for it ,all you need to do is to ensure that the pool is set and ready for use ,you can do that by ensuring their is no broken ties to avoid injury,also ensure that the pool is clean and tidy,but if in the other hands you aren’t using your own pool for the party,that means special arrangement is required of you, you need to start on time to be making arrangements for the pool ,you can do that by going to a hotel or water packs to hire a pool for the pool party you also need to ensure that the pool is in a good health for the party.


If you are not having the pool party at your own house probably because,you don’t have the swimming pool,they are some certain things we need to compare before setting out a venue for the party,they are the size of pool ,space for the party,the rules of the hotel,and security, also you need to determine the depth of the pool it shouldn’t be more than 3 to 4 fits to avoid problems of any kind,when you must have checked about all this listed above ,if it is in your favor you can go for it, but if it more than your budget you can leave it for more cheaper ones ,you know you need to determine your budget so don’t do more than the budget.


Once you are done with setting that venue and finding the pool for that party,all you need to do is to set your guest list,also know that while making the guest list ,you need to know the kind of pool party you want to host,if it is an adult pool party ,you need to determine the size of the pool,ensure that the pool is big enough to contain as many people you want , but if you are just hosting a small pool party with few friends and few family members, a normal pool can serve,remember to invite people that knows each other to keep the party fun and lively, but of you invite people that doesn’t know each other before the party will be bored .


sending invitations for pool party are very necessary,especially when you start sending it on time, when you are having it mind to host a pool party ,you need to start at least two weeks before the party day to send your invitations,so that your guest can get all the need for the party ready,most people get confused on how to start sending invitations to their guest,their no big deal about that,you can do that by sending a text message or voice note to your guest,you can also pest it on social media,maybe in a group chat or something,then if you need your guest to come along with anything you can also add it to the invitation,also know that is not proper to start sending your invitations a day to the event ,you might get disappointed and is not cool .


Is really bored to have a party without music ,talk more of a pool party,and u know music is life,so when hosting a pool party you can use one of the convenient streaming service to play some summertime music,or you can even go for all this old school instrument to have a cool music to keep the party fun.


We all know that playing games during any gathering is very fun and sweet,so for you to a sweet party pool you can consider having a poolside games,for all your guest to participate on,don’t make it hard so it won’t get bored,just find some easy games like truth or dare,ensure everyone
participate during the game and also stick to the rule of the game.


If you want to make your pool party a memorable one ,do it by having a crazy summer decorations ,like streamers,palm tree and tiki torches , you can also add floats,seriously floats are must for a memorable pool party,is not only made for kids,adults also use it to catch more fun and is really crazy ,all you need to do, is to just ensure that the floats are large and enough for the pool party.


We all know that pool party takes much time,then if it happens that you are spending much time in the sun ,you need to stay hydrated with assorted drinks like smoove ,soda drinks and also bottle water,then if is more of adult you can add beer to the the drinks for more fun.


Yeah we know that pool parties are more of drinks ,to an extent your guest might start feeling hungry ,and you know is not best starving your guest,so you can go for barbecue or pizza,you can also make pepper soup with assorted meat for your quest.

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Having a pool party is among the best event any one can host , and is really fun to host such an event, so you don’t need to panic on how to host such an event ,because the tips on how to achieve the best pool party has be shown on this blog.

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