How To Plan for A Wedding On A Small Budget

I will show you how to plan a fancy wedding party on a small budget, some people will be asking how can someone plan a wedding on a small budget, with the standard of our country today where things are very costly. the state of our country today doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfect wedding on a small budget . my dear it’s very possible to have a fancy wedding on a small budget ,in this article and going to show you steps on how to plan a wedding on a small budget , you we women we are naturally expensive and classy, with the kind of personal women has they can also have a fancy wedding on small budget ,all you need to do is to follow the steps in this article and you will have your perfect wedding on a small budget.

How To Plan For A Wedding On A Small Budget:


When planning for a wedding there are some essential items needed, all you need to do is to list them out ,for instance you will be needing a wedding gown, flowers,wedding cake,shoe’s etc when making plans for all this items you need to plan according to the budget ( like the money you have at hand) also when going for the item u listed, don’t go for too fancy items because they are more costly,you are advice to ho for the simple but classy ones.


you know shopping at the local market is less expensive Than ,that of the bridal shower mall and shopping mall, but the item shopping mall sale’s are the same with the local shop just that ,the shopping mall is more decorated and comfortable than the local market, you know shopping at the mall is more easy and comfortable like when u get there u will be well taken care of and is more expensive than the local market, also you that if you are buying items at the local market don’t let the seller know that you are really in need of that particular item even if you like it , just show some less concern else the seller will charge you more for it.


while planning for a wedding on a small budget, all you need to do is to know the kind of place you are going for your reception, you know you are not expected to go for a trending hotel for your reception,because it is more expensive, if u really want to do it in a hotel you can go for a normal hotel,all you need to do is to decorate the place to your test , you decorations matters alot , even if you go for a trending hotel if is not well decorated it won’t be beautiful, you can also have your reception at your compound or even in a hall is less expensive than going to a hotel. if you are to host it at hall all u need to do is to decorate it to be perfectly beautiful and u will have your peaceful wedding party.


If you are planning for a wedding on a small budget ,you it is very needful for you to determine how many people that will be coming for the wedding ,you can just invite few friends,and immediate family members ,you are not expected to invite the whole of your community remember you are planning on a small budget,also when inviting people you invite people that knows each others to avoid inconvenience of any kind.


Planning for a wedding on a small budget can be very tricky,so you need to fix a date earlier and plan ahead,because if you don’t make arrangements earlier before the D-DAY
it will make you spend more than expected ,for instance,if their is this your friend that is coming from a far place (Lagos) and u didn’t inform her/her earlier before the day and u really need help/her to be there how did you expect that person to be coming,so you might think of flying the person and it will make u spend more ,but when you inform the person on time ,they will start preparing on time for the event,so if you are planning a wedding on a small budget date is really important,fix your date on time and give out your invitation on time ,because there is no room for urgency.


Since you know that planning based on a small budget wedding,you already know the kind of people that is coming around for the wedding, all you need to do is to the kind of meal to make,let say you want to make white rice for instance you don’t have to make also make make fried rice remember you are working with a budget then for your drink you can go for Carbonated drinks instead of red wine or beer


Planning for rentals and decorations is another tricky task.let say if you are having your reception at your compound or hall rentals and decorations are very Important ,but in the sense that your are having your reception outside your Home like a hotel they will be no need for rentals and decorations because it has been provided by the hotel management and it will cost you more .



We all know that planning for a wedding either on a small budget or a more fancy wedding is not very easy to plan, so if You are planning a wedding based on a small budget, you need to spend wisely to have a perfect and fancy wedding,also if you follow up ,this step am assuring you will have a successful wedding.

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