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Wedding Cake : wedding cake preparation

Making the ideal preparation for a wedding cake

Are there any complete celebrations without a cake and balloons all over the place? No there isn’t. What gives every event the spark it deserves are the colourful and enticing things in the event. Below are a list of fantastic guidelines for you to become the best wedding cake baker.

Preparing a wedding cake

Make sure that your chosen wedding cake for any wedding party lights up the event. You can go to the internet to browse for the best wedding cake designs, then select the ones that are so beautiful, that will make your wedding event spark and blow the minds of your guests.

It is possible that you still not understanding how this work, as you continue to read this content you are about to take your through a whole big world of understanding how wedding cakes are being made and the alternatives in preparing a cake when your budget is low, what ingredient you can use to spice up your wedding cake for your guest to love it. All of these secrets would be spotted out right here in this content.

Below are the things for to consider when you are preparing a wedding cake for any wedding party 

  1. The tiers of a wedding cake

A traditional wedding cake popularly has three tiers, however, this does not mean they are not cases where there can be more than three tiers for a traditional wedding cake. Moreso, there are some single tier wedding cakes that would make your mouth run for a taste.

Although, here is something you need to take note of and that is; any tier of cake you make would have to reflect the number of guests you would like to feed, as well. This is one thing that most event planners overlook, “the hidden cost that is attached to a bigger guest wedding cake. You are to plan that you would have to pay for more things not only for your venue hire and wedding breakfast but also for a larger cost on cakes, for the tables and chairs and additional bottles of wine too.

If you have a budget but what is on ground is currently not enough here are some tips for you, things you can eat thin thighs point so you don’t get to lose interest or contract as a party or event  planner Use an illusion bottom tier, then afterwards you make a secondary bake or slab cake on your hand so you can serve this evening to the guests. 

Your cake would, however, have almost all the visual impact it needs but the price os it would be so small.

Bear this in mind that these tires do not always have to be cake layers as they are commonly known to be. For you putting one tier on top of cupcakes and macarons will be just the perfect thing to do. You may innovatively stack up donuts to form a wedding cake or you can go for a Jaffa cake sensation. If you want a showstopper cake for your wedding event or for your client you should surround the wedding cake with decadent dessert on the table.

What’s your flavour?

You can make fruit cake, fruitcake may be traditional, but not everyone likes it. When you have made a choice on who should bake your wedding cake, ask for a tasting consultation, so you make your choice after you must have tasted varieties of flavour or offer. Afterwards select the one that you would like to use throughout or rather use a different tier of cake.  The who;e decision is yours to make. I would recommend that your guests opinion is thought of first at least if not all of it but a little, since after being baked would be served to the guest as well.

Ice or not ice

Except you are a keen baker, the wealth of the diverse icing choice that are available for you would have been a mystery to you until now that you have the opportunity to read this content. Naked, or semi nake buttercream are the kind of icing  that increasing day by day, however there are still space for more traditional fondant and royal icing for decorations on cakes you may, however want to combine several decorations. Add a fondant sugar flower onto a buttercream cake or delicate royal icing piping so as to make details to a fondant covering. Make diverse choices which are possible with buttercream, but it is also more likely to melt in a temperature that is warmer and summer, make sure you have this noted.

There are also some alternative kinds of wedding cakes that forgo the other forms of icing all together on of the is the Croquembouche; this a french traditional wedding cake made from a tower of profiteroles, they are usually decorated with ganache or caramel and spun sugar

Lastly, if you don’t have a tooth for bearing sweet things don’t go near the Croquembouche traditional kind of cake. However, you can go for scrumptious savouries like cheese and pies for a wedding cake, amazing to you right it an alternative for those who do like to eat too sweet things. Moreso you can use the pies or cheese as your evening buffet. All you have to do is add together with your pies and cheese, grapes, crackers and chutneys. When you put them like this you will enjoy your evening buffet so well.

  1. How wedding cakes are priced

Your wedding is tomorrow and you are not yet with the wedding cake for the event. You may need to go to the market to get a price list of wedding cakes.

For you not to get cheated or to get the cake store and look like a novice here is how cakes are being priced in the market read through you will see them.

Wedding cakes price varies, but the general amount that it could be in dollars is $1.50 to $15 per slice. This is the general amount so that is why there is no actual amount for it. 

One more tips for wedding cakes pricing is the more complicated the cake is, the higher the price tag would be. You should know that Fondant icing is more costly than Buttercream, and if you want shapes that are modeled with vibrant colors, or handmade sugar flower detailing, you’ll pay a great sum to the cake designer.

The average amount that couples spend on their wedding cakes are in estimately $540

Ways to save your money from costly cakes 

As a couple with a low budget you can save your money by ordering smaller cakes that are not perfect but okay for a simple wedding ceremony, and can only feed a smaller amount of people but if shared in a token would go round. 

Stay away from tiers, if you are broke and can’t afford it my advice for you is to not go close to tiers. Your choice should be handmade sugar flowers which are specially molded in shapes, garnish with seasonal flowers and fruit for a beautiful but less expensive cake. If you have desert table you can consider that for your guest. In addition yo the kinds of cake you should get for less budget. Consider cake sized for half your guest when serving it may be smaller but the price will reduce that what suits you.

The perfect weather for different kinds of cake

If your wedding party would be held outdoors in a hot climate, don’t use whipped cream, meringue and buttercream: They would melt very fast. Ask whoever is baking for you about summer icing options; you may want to choose fondant-covered cake-they do not need to be refrigerated at all.

Expectation about your wedding cake should not be too high

High hope may lead to disappointment. The main reason why you are asked not to set your expectations too high is because you decide to pick the kind of cake for your event and you will end up in a messy situation. 

You are not the baker and even if you are, let the one baking tell you the condition and you listen to him so you don’t end up making an event that is filled with mockery on yourself.

However, the caterers spend hours trying to make a nice suitable wedding cake for you so they know what can go wrong with the cake. This however means that for you to bake a cake, you should no the ingredient that works for the seasonal time, when the cakes are to be brought outside and when they are to be brought out at all

The bakers has a way making cake from something that is not edible, most of the cakes you see on the magazines are iced pieces of Styrofoam, of which doesn’t even taste good at all, this is for you to know that you expecting your baker to make cakes exactly the way you see them on the magazine it may disappoint you.

Wedding cakes format

When it comes to making a wedding cake to suit your decoration, the most inexpensive choice is to use fresh fruits or flowers. In some cases you can be given a job by your florist for a small pay.  

Here is something which you know all add-ons, even marzipan fruits, chocolate molded flowers and lace points will get high in amount and from research it is worth the cost.

Think about adding a second cake to your wedding ceremony

Here is something for at any wedding reception there is always a cake some use a singular cake why some use a double cakes either way these cakes serves in the ceremony but you might want use two cakes for your wedding party and here is why;

In wedding ceremonies where cakes are seen to be in two different places one is usual for the bride and the other for the groom.

The one for the groom in southern custom traditionally is highest on the mighty, seated, decorated table while the bride cake in the reception is often eaten as dessert.

The groom’s cake is usually darker and richer in taste, it is often chocolate in color. Nowadays they are crafted to show the groom passion for his bride.

Slice is given to the guest as everyone meryl and enjoys the rest of the party.

You can choose to go mini (but there is a cost)

Bakers would agree with me that mini cakes are usually costly, the idea is usually a nice one but not always good to practise. The reason for you to make a mini cake is that means you will be making more than one, they must be plentiful to be seen. That means you will make decorations on each of them differently. Each of them would need their own box.

The unfortunate thing is most cake boxes don’t come in mini sizes. The baker would construct each of the boxes one by one. And this causes the baker time and the event too would have to be postponed or set in a longer time away from when the baker started to bake the cake. It not only consumes time but also energy too as well.

 They are amazing when they are baked but they are not what anyone should choose for his wedding ceremony.

How cakes are displayed

You should know that your cakes would first be displayed before it is cut and consumed. The first thing to understand about displaying a cake is to ensure there is a designated table that allows the most elegant kind of presentation for your wedding cake.

The table can either be round or in a square or triangular shape, but round is perfect, for wedding cakes are usually round in shape.

However, if your cake is in a linear shape then you may have to use a rectangular table.

Then once you get your showcase table set, have fun dressing it up so it looks different from usual way it used to be, this because it is not more serving it cause as a normal table it is now your “showcase table”.

Make sure it sits properly on the table that it is not shaking so friends and family and other guest can around to take photos with your lovely baked cake. Do this for the fun of it and also do to entice the eye of your guess, and lastly do this to decorate your event in a unique way that pleases you guest so much.

5 tips for the perfect marriage cutlet\cake 

Your marriage cutlet\cake is essential to your special day and you want it to not only be beautiful, but also succulent. To help guide you, we put together a list of tips to make sure you order the perfect marriage cutlet. 

  1.  Exploration bakeries 

It’s important to choose a bakery that has gotten great reviews from once misters. You can search online or ask your musketeers and family for cookers they recommend. Stylish yet, if you have been to a marriage where the cutlet was “ melt in your mouth” succulent, ask the bridegroom or bachelor where they ordered their cutlet. Once you constrict down your choices, check the Better Business Bureau to make sure the bakery does not have any negative reviews as bad conditions aren’t a good sign. 

  1. Taste the cutlet 

After you have narrowed your hunt, call the bakery and ask when you can come in for a tasting. Numerous bakeries attend marriage shows and serve their cutlet or most can accommodate you at their bakery. Not only will you need to decide the flavor of the cutlet ( white, marble, chocolate, carrot, red velvet,etc.), you’ll also need to decide on the stuffing and frosting. The most popular frosting options are buttercream (a delicate icing generally made with creaming adulation and sugar) or fondant (a thicker paste made with sugar and water). Be sure you taste both to understand the difference. 

  1. Design considerations 

The rearmost trend in marriage galettes is to design your cutlet after the bridegroom’s dress or event décor. Look through the sample galettes the chef has created to get a sense of their style. Make sure to ask if they can accommodate a specific design you have and/ or can offer design suggestions grounded on your marriage style. You can indeed give the chef a belt of the bridesmaid dresses, to match color for sugar flowers or lists. The cutlet crusher is also a commodity to suppose as numerous couples are choosing to abstain from the typical bridegroom and bachelor statuettes at the top and rather have a design or fresh flowers. 

Traditionally, the top league of the cutlet is saved, bagged in a watertight vessel and firmed for the couple’s first time anniversary. See if your bakery will help you with this process, or if they offer a new, fresh cutlet to you on your first- time anniversary. 

  1.  Size of cutlet\cake 

Ask your chef for their recommendation on how numerous layers the cutlet should have in order to serve the number of anticipate guests.However, but your guest count calls for five layers, work with your chef to come up with a result, If you have your heart set on a certain design of three layers. It may be possible to get a distance cutlet in addition to the display cutlet. A distance cutlet can also save you plutocrat. 

  1.  Cutlet\cake set up 

Your cutlet will be a main focal point at your marriage. Thus, having its own table will give it the attention it deserves. You can embellish the table with different fabric and flowers ( check with your chef on the fresh services they offer as numerous offer cutlet table decoration services). Work with your chef to understand if a round or blockish table would be better to display your specific cutlet. 

I hope this list of questions helps guide you in ordering your dream cutlet. 

But, indeed with the stylish planning, there are situations that can do that are out of your control, similar as your cutlet developer damaging your marriage cutlet on the way to your venue, or indeed worse, not showing up the day of your marriage. That’s why we recommend marriage insurance. 

Markel offers marriage cancellation insurance, which reimburses you for lost deposits and non-refundable quantities if you have to cancel or defer your marriage due to unlooked-for circumstances. Markel’s cancellation content also protects you against similar cases as your chef not showing up with your marriage cutlet the day of your marriage, stolen gifts, a wrecked gown, lost marriage rings and further. Coverage can be bought anytime at least 14 days before your event, and programs start as low as$ 130. 

In addition, Markel offers marriage liability insurance, guarding you from incidents similar to property damage to the venue or injury to a guest. Up to$ 2 million in marriage liability insurance can be bought from Markel any time at least 1 day before your event and covers your form and event, trial and setup/ takedown. Programs start as low as$ 75. 

So now you know the basic things needed for you to do and also where to go when you are preparing for your wedding cake. 

I hope this content was helpful enough for you. I also do hope that it get to solve the question that you’ve been having concerning wedding cakes. This content was carefully written with research to make sure that you get all the questions you may want to ask about wedding cakes, how to know their prices and plans for preparing the best wedding cakes for your wedding event, all of this has been explained properly in this content.

You may also be wondering what is the perfect weather for your cakes and this maybe because of your past experienced of you having toi watch your cake melt off on wedding ceremony read this content you get to know all of that and more.

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